Steve Wallis Music


Folk singer Steve Wallis, raised in Byron Bay, Australia grew up surrounded by the music of songwriting heroes - Springsteen, Dylan, Paul Kelly, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt. After spending his twenties touring in bands all over Australia, Steve relocated to Paris, France for a new beginning, and found with it a new voice and a wellspring of new songs.

Steve Wallis writes honest, clear eyed folk songs, driven by his shrewd fingerstyle guitar, and his wry gift for finding joy in the melancholy. His songs are old letters from ex lovers, regrets folded into fond souvenirs, that final glance back before driving onwards.

In 2018, Steve's song ‘Melbourne Rain’ reached new success after it was featured in PlayStation 4 game Detroit: Become Human, introducing a global audience to his songs.

“Love is just a choice to make” sings Steve Wallis on his latest, ‘Amsterdam’. “And every choice is hard, until it ain't”. It's perhaps this clarity of voice that resonates with his audience so strongly. Three chords and the truth, like they say.