Steve Wallis Music

Starting Tomorrow

If I sit here any longer I might turn to stone
Just a statue of an arsehole staring at his phone
Cause I've been here for hours and it's plain to see
That dollar beers and Instagram make for shitty company

And I'm so tired of this rut I'm in
It's high time I finally change something
Starting tomorrow

If I sit here any longer I might fall asleep
And the man who runs the bar will come and drag me to my feet
So I'll pay my tab and go
Buy another can and drink it while I'm walking home

And I'm sorry, I know, I'm drinking too much
I promise I'm gonna quit the stuff
Starting tomorrow
Cause everyday's the same
So what's the difference between starting today
And starting tomorrow?

Sometimes I sit and try to fade away
Getting older ain't much fun if you don't like who you became
Cause I'm just trying to find a way
To be more than just a list of all the habits I can't break

And I close my eyes
I take a sip
I raise a glass to cowardice
And say starting tomorrow
And in the morning I'll wake up and say
Starting tomorrow
Every morning I wake up and say
Starting tomorrow
Starting tomorrow