Steve Wallis Music

The Wolf

Once I played in a rock & roll band
Once I hit the road and I never looked back
And never once I thought to ask
Did it mean something that all my heroes drank themselves to death?
I just played their songs, and sometimes had
A few too many beers after my set
Cause, Hell, I deserved it
I deserved it

But there's a darkness that lures you in
In a painted smile it'll call you a friend
But it's the Wolf and you're the Lamb
And I let it take every goddamn thing I had
And when I'd driven off the last of my friends
And I had nothing left to give
I told myself I deserved it
I deserved it

But that was all before
Now I sit and watch the roses bloom by our front door
Cause you let me see
A second chance is just the start of what forgiveness really means
And I'm not promising that I'll ever be perfect
But I married you in Spring
And every morning now I wake up there beside you
And I look at the ring
And I’ll try to deserve it
To deserve it